We moved to new domain and brand name: SmartTradeCopier ( Please update your Masters from: or zipped:  

We have been busy with integration of TradeStation to EasyCopier, and now meet new feature: copying positions from TradeStation. You can send signal to email, SMS, show it as popup on the desktop, copy to special MT4 EA, which emulates ENC rules (one order per direction). Read setup instructions in the next post.

Changes list New appearance of application, banner, logos Ability to use template in popup with signal message. Now html tags and images are supported for popups. Customized auto updater for your clients. As usual, all signals are processing in real-time. Visit EasyCopier site to get demo.

Meet new feature: Order Watcher! Now you can check every order that was sent to Slaves. You will know if your order is copied and which licenses and MT4 accounts got it. If you closed any order, you can see whether it was closed on Slaves or not.

Activity log– now you can see all operations you made in panel (from the Activity Log menu ). In the nearest time function for writing signals activity to log will be added. With this function you can check whether the signal was sent from your Master EA or not. Master EA was updated. Now it has additional useful security function that restricts running application at the allowed accounts only.

Configuring a signal portal gives you the ability to have a totally unique portal with your own branding. This gives you the ability to sell your signals without any competition and also incorporate it into your own website. You can set domain that your users will use to access your white labelled copy of the EasyCopier portal. We suggest using a subdomain of your existing domain such as “” or “”. To configure your domain, you will need to edit your DNS settings (usually setup with your domain registrar).

Common API allows to sent signal to any number of Licenses (Slave accounts) by using web, and in case when you can`t run Master EA in your Metatrader. It supports the following formats: JSON and POST. URL Your control panel URL. Methods POST – ProcessSignalPost (example: JSON – ProcessSignalJson (example: Variables key – signal source key, you can find it at Signal Sources menu item of Control Panel. signal – enumeration, which includes the following possible values: open – open position or place pending...

We are ready with the following new modules for EasyCopier: Statistics – allows you to check which of your orders was copied, which lot. Also you can monitor profit/loss and check status of Slave. You can see which accounts are used by Slave Expert Adviser  There is an option to compare profit/loss you’ve got on your order with the profit/loss your user got. Reports – is a basic engine to build reports. By default you can see Overview type reports (additional report types are provided on request). Overview reports provide you information about quantity of copied orders and sum of the lots. Monitor – is an advanced module,...

EasyCopier update


We updated EasyCopier: added partial close feature. Visit promo-site to get free demo and test it. EasyCopier promo-site EasyCopier Team

New version of Simple Money Management. Added profit keeper feature. More info and get trial

SimpleMM update


New version of Simple Money Management. Features: BreakEven. If market moves X pips in favor direction, set Stoploss level to OrderOpen Price. Breakeven is level of non-loss. Partial close. If market moves X pips in favor direction – close Y percent of lots value. Close at time. Close all orders of the specified [pair name] at the specified time. Planing to add: trailing stop. More info and get trial



Simple Money Management is a Metatrader tool (Expert Advisor and dll) to manage stoploss/takeprofit levels. We are going to add breakeven and trailing stop feature in next versions, check news.

Good news, FxOneClicker can be used with EasyCopier on Slave account. How to use, it is simple: install Master on first Metatrader then run and setup FxOneClicker with Slave License on Copier tab.

FxOneClicker is a forex tool to easy manage up to 10 Metatrader accounts, open/modify/close by single click. Supports remote terminals (on VPS or another PC). Read full description.

We released new version of Signals Copier and now it has a name EasyCopier. EasyCopier is faster, easier to install, easier to use, has additional features like “Signal confirmation” – user can manually confirm each action with his account, more stable – it reconnects after standby or hiberbnate, and more and more. Visit official site of EasyCopier at

You can now follow Development for the Trader on Latest news, special offers and updates from Development for the Trader available now at our Twitter profile.

We released new version of Licensing Service with new features and User Interface Now there are 5 levels of protection: MQL code hidden to c++ dll All parameters used in algorithm are stored on server and requested on first login There is check on MD5 of file, if somebody tried to decompile script, report abuse will be sent and user will be blocked Unique License which works on single PC only (can be adjusted) All requests are encrypted and sent by secure connection As usual: Works with both Metatrader 4 and 5.

We have released new version of Signals Copier. Now it is faster, there is less latency between sending and receipt. Management Panel has new user-friendly design now. For signals distribution we are using the server specially developed by our team. There is no delay because signals are sending in real time. Now it supports up to 10,000 simultaneous connections. Signals Copier is distributable system, easy to expand by adding new servers. Management Panel is web-based and you can access it from anywhere at any time. Works with both Metatrader 4 and 5. Easy to extend, easy to understand, easy to use.

We released c++ dll (XML Parser), which allows to work with XML files from Metatrader (mql) and Tradestation.

Emailer tool is a solution to work with emails from Metatrader (mql) and TradeStation (EL).

We have been released one more c++ dll (Socket Writer), which provides solution to work with socket from Metatrader (mql) and TradeStation (EL).

We have been released c++ dll (Cacher), which provides solution to store values in file cache. You can use this dll in Metatrader (mql) and TradeStation (EL).

We have been released new c++ dll (Spool Log Writer), which is a solution for writing log files faster than standard MQL functions. It can be used in Metatrader (mql) and Tradestation (EL).

We have been released c++ dll (Ini Parser), which allows to work with ini files from Metatrader (mql).

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