Simple Money Management

Tool which can be used for setting default stoploss and takeprofit values to all orders of any currency pair, setting breakeven level, enabling partial close, closing orders at a specified time. SimpleMM includes Expert Advisor and Metatrader dll. Settings are simple:

[pair name]
sl = default stoploss value
tp = default takeprofit value
be = breakeven value
pc = partial close level
pcp = partial close lots percent
at = close at a time
pk = profit keeper value


sl = 20
tp = 40
be = 10
pc = 30
pcp = 50
at = 211628
pk = 40

Description of options

[pair name] – this option defines the pair name appearance in the chart window with suffixes and prefixes. Example: eurusd, eurusd_iam, eurusd_, etc.

sl – stoploss level, applied to new orders with the default Stoploss level = 0.

tp – takeprofit level, applied to new orders with the default Takeprofit level = 0.

be – breakeven value. If market moves X pips in favor direction, set Stoploss level to OrderOpen Price. Breakeven is level of non-loss.

pc – partial close level. If market moves X pips in favor direction – close Y (see option pcp) percent of lots value.

pcp – close Y percent on partial close (see pc option). Range: 1-100.

at – close all orders of the specified [pair name] at the specified time. Code is trying to close orders during one minute after rasing. Format: HoursMinutesSeconds. Example: 172233 means closing of all orders at 17 hour 22 minutes 33 seconds.

pk – close all orders of the specified [pair name] when specified total profit has reached.

All values are set in pips. On both 4 and 5 digits 1 pip=1 pip, not 1=10. To disable any option set the value to 0.


Default location of settings file is <Metatrader root>/expert/files/SimpleMM.txt

Settings file can be edited by notepad or another text editor.

You can download the trial version of SimpleMM (Installer or Package for manual installation) and test during 10 days trial period.