Protects your expert advisors and indicators against decompilation by putting the main functional into DLL and licensing EX4 files so that they are not working if they are copied to a new computer.

With Direct Copier API which is Asp.Net application you don`t need to run Sender (Leader) and Receiver (Follower) Expert Advisors. You can use web panel to manage users, or build your own based on web API. It can be easily integrated into any public CMS and blogging engine like WordPress or Joomla.

Simple trade copier was designed for small team of traders. If you trader and want to share signals between your friends or family then SimpleTradeCopier is your choice. SimpleTradeCopier is 2 EAs: Sender – you install on your Leader account, Receiver – your users have to install on their Metatrader4 terminals. They just need to know Tag to copy orders from your account. Tag could be your email or Alias (in case you don`t want to share your email address).

Harmonic Patterns recognition scanner. It detects and identifies price levels where the biggest possibility of trend continuation or reversal exists. It will help you spot great trades and potentially big moves right where they start. It helps optimize trading results – minimize losses and maximize profits. The ultimate decision about entry, and proper money management system is still in trader’s hands which allows for personalized approach to trading – aggressive, or conservative.

Remote Alerts is a tool which allows to send alert to remote Metatraders4. It consists of 2 parts: Sender and Receiver. Sender is a Metatrader4 script, Receiver is Indicator.

We can develop your program – from small indicator to complex automated trading strategy on the basis of the platform you’d like to use.

Metatrader/NinjaTrader tool to copy trades from leader account and send them to any number of follower accounts over Internet.