Smart Trade Copier is Metatrader tool intended to copy trades from master account and send them to any number of slave accounts over the Internet using WebSocket connection.
If you are the signal provider and work with several users, you can manage them with the help of web panel.
Trader installs Master Expert Advisor on his side; receivers install Slave Expert Advisors on their workstations. Master generates the license for each slave and sends it to receiver.


Works with Signal Sources

  • Metatrader Master/Slave account
  • NinjaTrader Master account
  • TradeStation
  • E-mail
  • SMTP fetcher
  • Telegram channels

Works with Signal Destinations

  • Metatrader Slave account (open/modify/close orders)
  • Metatrader account (no trading, just alerts, notifications)
  • E-mail
  • Messengers and social networks
    • Telegram
    • Twitter
    • Facebook

Smart Trade Copier can be integrated into your existing WordPress site with the help of plugins (more info on request).

Key Benefits

  • User can set parameters: risks, lots, trading pairs, etc. for Slave Expert Advisor.
  • Trader using Master Expert Advisors can see who utilizes his services, create licenses, control license expiration, manage trials and integrate with payment processors.
  • You can manage all you work with the help of the powerful web panel.

Best suited for:

  • Small group of traders
  • Prop companies
  • Independent Signal providers who want to sell their trading signals to the customers.