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We provide market analysis and technology assessment along with expert advice on trading software development, infrastructure, and security

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Throughout the years of our experience serving the financial services industry, we have been able to accumulate a knowledge base. As a result, we collected a number of case studies and have learned a lot of lessons.

That’s why we are now happy to offer our expertise to help companies who would like to step into the financial services industry and guide them along their way.

Leveraging our past experience and knowledge, our experts can advise you on a broad selection of topics.

Fintech Consulting

What You Get

Business Analysis

Business model verification
Operations lifecycle
Cost analysis


Software development
Architecture development
Implementing best practices

Security Setup

Data protection best practices
Data storage infrastructure
Certification and compliance

Our Expertise

Who benefits from our services

Over 15 years Dev4Traders addresses real demand from traders for technology solutions to meet their needs and offer a differentiated trading experience.

Therefore our expertise in form of FinTech consulting can be useful to technology startups who need guidance and supervision in the volatile world of crypto and conventional markets with more regulations coming.

If you would like to start your own Forex trading business, we have successful projects in our portfolio.

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