Direct Trade Copier

–°loud-based Trade Copier and Mirror Trading Platform designed for High-Frequency Trading to manage multiples accounts and support any Forex and CFD brokers around the globe without the need for VPS running 24/7 and software installation

Mirror Trading

Trade Copying Reimagined

Trade copying is more popular than ever. But controlling how trades are copied has always been a challenge – for brokers, for leaders and for followers. With the Direct Trade Copier, trade managers can control the entire copy trading environment and ensure all followers.

Leaders no longer have to compete with others who cherry-pick or outright makeup performance data. At the same time, traders can not only make informed decisions as to which strategies to follow, but they can control all of the risk at the strategy and portfolio levels to take more control over their investing destiny.

Key Features


We provide a completely customized copy trading environment for Metatrader4 accounts without plug-in or broker-side development on your servers.

Risk Settings

The lot size used on the copy account is based on your chosen risk setting. We support 4 different risk types: Money Ratio, Scale Factor, Lot Multiplier,
Fixed Lot

Reverse Copy

Do you know a system that loses money? You can setup a trade copier in reverse mode meaning for each trade, the opposite occurs i.e. sell when buy or buy when sell.

Portfolio Building

Make your investment strategy better and diverse risks. With our great solution, you can easily build portfolios of any strategies.

Low Latency

Trade execution matters. Even with thousands of traders following one strategy, trade execution for all followers is completed within milliseconds.

Risk Controls

We empower trade followers to manage their investments with a suite of risk controls to protect gains and minimize losses.

Why choose our trade copier?

Our solution can help you with the following tasks:

  • You have an investor password from some account in Metatrader4 and you want to copy trades from this account to yours. In this case you can adjust lot size or lot multiplier.
  • When you have an investor password from several accounts in Metatrader4 from different signal providers and you want to copy all trades from these accounts to your account.
  • You want just to receive notifies about changes on some Metatrader4 account without opening positions. You will be notified about all changes: opening, modifying or closing positions, moving stop loss/take profit, etc.
  • If you are a signal provider and want to sell your trading signals to your customers.
Direct Trade Copier
No Expert Advisor required
Self Hosted Environment
Multi-Leaders Multi-Followers
Combine account currencies

Trade Copier Demo

Direct Trade Copier

Manager Area

Manage Users, Account, Brokers, Signals, Subscriptions

  • Login: copier
  • Password: 123123

User Area

View and manage own accounts, subscriptions, trade signals

  • Login: copier_user
  • Password: 123123
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