What MetaTrader Programming Services Do You Offer?

We develop expert advisors, scripts, indicators, and libraries for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. We also develop trading systems invovling the use of one or more of these components.


What is a Metatrader Expert Advisor?

An expert advisor is an automated trading system (ATS). When executed in a charting program, such as Metatrader, these robots can perform functions as previously done by human traders only. Among all types of custom software developed for MetaTrader, expert advisor programming is often the most complex.


What is a Metatrader Script?

A Metatrader script is a limited version of an expert advisor. Expert advisors remain active on the chart until removed, while scripts leave the chart once their tasks were completed.


What is an Indicator?

MetaTrader indicators are programs that provide graphical representations of mathematical computations based on values found on a given chart. They provide useful information that may help the trader decide on times to buy and sell.


What is a MetaTrader Library?

A MetaTrader library is a collection of program functions compiled as an executable file (*.EX4). These are often used by programmers and Forex traders who have a background in programming, but whose skills are not enough to develop complex programs. Expert advisor programming projects sometimes require the use of libraries for efficiency purposes.


Is It Possible to Combine Expert Advisors, Scripts, Indicators, and/or Libraries into One Complete System?

Yes. In fact, there are some expert advisor programming projects that make use of all four types of software.


Is MetaTrader programming Only Limited To Forex Trading?

Not necessarily. Programs developed through the MetaTrader API can also be configured to perform auxiliary, but helpful tasks, such as giving alarms, sending email, or exporting data to a CSV file.


What is Automated Trading?

Automated trading involves the use of expert advisors.  These robots  execute tasks on the trader’s behalf, through a set of rules developed by the trader/programmer. They perform independently and if properly developed, can be maintained with minimum supervision. Expert advisor programming often deals with the development of fully-automated strategies, although they can also be used to develop semi-automated trading systems such as signal providers and manual trading tools. The development of successful automated trading systems is undoubtedly the most challenging aspect of expert advisor programming.


Just How Effective is Automated Trading on Metatrader?

It is a known fact that only a very small percentage of Forex traders are profitable. And so, it follows that an even smaller percentage are successful automated traders. Almost all trading ideas can be possibly programmed in Metatrader. But still, expert advisor programming is at its best when backed by a wealth of manual trading experience.

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