Funded Prop Firm Dashboard

Our new Funded service is a web panel and background processes that allow proprietary trading firms with funded trading accounts to improve productivity and make account management process more transparent and convenient.

Funded service works on Metatrader4 and consists of the following parts:

  • Web Panel
    • User Dashboard
    • Manager Dashboard
  • Background Services
  • Metatrader Manager REST API
  • WordPress plugin (funded-wp)

 Key features and advantages

  • Automatic Metatrader4 account generation
  • Trading Objectives
  • Alerts and notifications for failed and passed objectives (maximum loss, maximum daily loss, profit, min/max trading days)
  • Trading Metrics
  • Account Statistics
  • Widgets for Managers
  • Integrated Help System
  • Referral System
  • Enhanced User Area View

Web Panel #

Web panel provides the frontend part and allows the following

  • Manage MT4 accounts (automatically create, update, remove)
  • Manage challenges manually, automation is supported when using WP plugin (funded-wp)
  • Manage Plans with trading objectives (Max Daily Loss, Max Loss, Trading Days Min/Max, Profit %, Stoploss, Hedging)
  • View Trading Objectives and Account Metrics (equity, balance, closed, live orders, trading instruments, trading statistic)
  • Etc.

Web panel consists of two areas:

User Dashboard is intended for traders and allows them to switch between the accounts and see all necessary information at the same page. The changes in the balance relative to the number of trades is presented as a diagram.

The following data is displayed for the selected account:

  • Status
  • Account Size
  • Start Date
  • Provider
  • Platform
  • Plan
  • Current Phase

Trading Objectives with results and summary are displayed at the separate area.

Trader can see general information and analyze trading strategy, the effectiveness of trading tools and adjust his actions based on these data.

Manager Dashboard is used for accounts manager, provides features for user and account management and contains performance widgets with statistics about users, trading accounts and challenges.

Challenge is the set of Trading Objectives configured for the trading account. Each of the Trading Objectives can be Passed or Failed. All statistics about account performance as well as target and result values for Trading Objectives is represented in the convenient view.

Using our dashboard, the manager can

  • work with traders’ accounts
  • set up trading plans
  • set any number of phases within the plan
  • set trading objectives for the completion of challenges
  • view and analyze the data about completed challenges, the trading objectives passed, etc.

Background Services #

Background services ensure reliable and efficient operation of the system and include the following

  • MySQL collector
  • Redis collector
  • Webhook processor
  • Metatrader Manager REST API

We offer a comprehensive REST API access and interaction with nearly all of its data as well as the Brokerage’s Trading Platform.

The modern JSON RESTful web service can be used cross-platform by nearly all of the modern programming languages.

This service is intended for software developers or marketing teams within a Brokerage. Here is a short list of potential API implementations:

  • Building custom landing pages for account registrations.
  • Integration with email marketing service providers.
  • Integration with a third party CRM solution.
  • Creation of mobile apps for Traders.
  • Creating trading competitions.
  • Creating internal risk management analytics.

Metatrader WordPress Integration #

WordPress plugin (funded-wp) allows to synchronize WordPress users and dashboard users with single login, match funded plans with WooCommerce products over WordPress roles.

Direct Metatrader Copier #

Most suitable for signal providers who want to sell their trading signals to the customers. And can be integrated to the Prop Trading Panel “Funded”.

For more information, please read the article about Direct MetaTrader Copier.

For the customers who are looking for turnkey solution we offer Prop Trading Panel with the integrated trade copier. Click the link below for the demo access.

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