We offer solution to protect your MQL (EX4) files with DLLs and web based service.

Every trader had faced with the following two well-known commercial problems with expert advisors and indicators:

  • EX4 files can be freely copied from one computer to another
  • EX4 files can be easily de-compiled back into MQ4 files

Once some program can be purchased and used, at the same time it can be cracked and copied without authority. Anyone can discover the methods and strategy used in your code. De-compiling of EX4 file can turn off any licensing you use trying to protect your program.

Web based protection service is the solution that we provide.

Our solution protects your expert advisors and indicators against de-compilation by putting the main functional into DLL. And it licenses EX4 files so that they are not working if they are copied to a new computer.

There are 4 levels of protection:

  • Hiding MQL code (main algorithm) to c++ dll
  • Verifying “check summ” of the file; if the code was changed, user is blocked
  • Storing all parameters used in EA on remote server. So if dll was cracked (what is very difficult), hacker can`t run it without that hidden options
  • Licensing, you can restrict to run of the code on single PC or/and MT4 account. Thus if somebody share their, license it will not work.