New Trading Rules in Plan Settings

To meet the varied requirements of prop trading firms, we have added some new trading rules to the phase settings for plans in our Funded dashboard.

The following parameters can now be set for each trading plan phase:

  • Daily Loss
  • Max Loss
  • Min Trading Days. To ignore this option, use the 0 value.
  • Max Trading Days. To ignore this option, use the 0 value.
  • Calculate Days As. You can choose the method of trading days calculation from these options:
    • Traded
    • Calendar
New trading objectives and rules in Funded Prop Trading Dashboard
  • Is Stoploss Required. If this toggle is ON and Stoploss is not used in any trades, then the Phase will be failed.
  • Expert Prohibited. This toggle allows to check if any Expert Advisors are used. If you, as a prop firm, prefer that traders do not use Expert Advisors in their trading strategies, set this switch to on. In this case, if an Expert Advisor is detected in any trade, the phase will be failed.
  • Inactivity Days. This option allows prop company to customize the conditions under which the account will be considered inactive (number of days without trading) and disabled. You can use the 0 value to ignore this option.
  • Max Positions. Manager can use this option to limit maximum trading positions opened at a time. To ignore this option, use the 0 value.
  • Max Lots. To restrict the maximum lot size at a time per pair, set the value for this parameter. To ignore the option, set the 0 value.

By changing the parameters for each phase of the trading plan, you will be able to customize any plans that will meet your trading strategy requirements.

Traders will see all parameters in their User Dashboard of Funded Prop Trading Panel.

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Photo by Marga Santoso on Unsplash

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