WooCommerce Integration

We have integrated the popular open source e-commerce plugin WooCommerce into our system, with the help of which pro traders will be able to combine the functionality of a website and Funded dashboard.

This plugin, combined with our Funded plugin for WordPress, will turn an ordinary website into a sales platform with trading challenges as products.

To take advantage of the new benefits, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Install the Funded and WooCommerce plugins for WordPress site.
  2. Customize the plans and phases available to traders in the dashboard.
  3. Add products on the site, as which you can select the plan configured in the dashboard.

In addition, this plugin provides subscription management capabilities. For example, if the site specifies a trial period for a product to complete a challenge, the corresponding plan in the dashboard can be configured with no expiration date. Once the trial period for the product is over, the challenge will automatically end.

Thanks to the WooCommerce plugin features, if a user cancels a subscription to a plan or issues a refund on the site, the corresponding challenge with all phases for the user will also get the changed status in the Funded Prop Trading dashboard.

It is also possible to set up the ability to auto-renew Challenges. If a user was allotted one month to complete a challenge, but this time was not enough for him. The prop company can give him the option to extend the access to the challenge for a lower fee. All alerts, emails and product billing are customizable by the WordPress administrator.

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