What we use to make you prop dashboard perfect

Technology Stack for Funded Service

Funded services is a complex system which consists of frontend part (what user sees), backend services (which provide main functionality, data gathering and processing), Linux and Windows servers and different microservices that keep our product running seamlessly.

Laravel, Metatrader REST API, Funded Prop Trading

We use the following technologies and tools in the development of the Funded Prop Trading Panel:

  • Laravel. We use this popular web application framework to implement a web panel (trader and manager dashboard).
  • C++. The backend part, performing the collection of trade statistics and the main computational work, is written in a programming language. Additional micro services are also implemented on C++.
  • Linux Server. Manager and user dashboard as well as the MySQL server work on a dedicated server with Linux operating system.
  • Windows Server. Various microservices, which can run as standalone applications and handle different tasks, operate on a server with Windows operating system.
  • REST API. Micro services allow interaction with Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 by means of REST API.

Also, we use different services for the system health monitoring and provide notifications through different channels, like Sentry, telegram, emailing.

All of this ensures reliable and efficient operation of the system and provides great results to Proprietary Trading Firms.

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Funded Panel for Prop Trading Companies with links to demo version is available here.

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