Create your Own Leaderboard

We finally implemented the support for MetaTrader 5!

In our Prop Trading Dashboard you can set up your own Leaderboard and incorporate it to any website to increase the motivation of traders and add a little bit of game (or competition) to the work.

With this new feature you can create the following types of trader rating tables:

  1. Leaderboard for Plans. All accounts associated with the specified plans are considered in the ranking. You can add several plans, each of them will be represented at the separate tab of the Leaderboard widget. The Leaderboard results can be incorporated to your website using the iFrame HTML element. The <iframe> HTML element represents a nested browsing context, embedding another HTML page into the current one.
  2. Leaderboard for Accounts. This type of leaderboard represents the ratings based on trader results in light of the initial balance specified.
  3. Leaderboard for Contests. This type of leaderboard shows the rating by contests specified.

For each of the Leaderbords you can set up the number of leaders to be presented in final results.

After Leaderboard setup you just need to copy the generated link and paste it to any place on your website.

And all users will see the traders ratings in real time!

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Panel for Prop Trading Companies with links to demo version is available here.

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