New Modules for Smart Trade Copier

We are ready with the following new modules for SmartTradeCopier:

  • Statistics – allows you to check which of your orders was copied, which lot. Also you can monitor profit/loss and check status of Follower. You can see which accounts are used by Follower Expert Adviser  There is an option to compare profit/loss you’ve got on your order with the profit/loss your user got.
  • Reports – is a basic engine to build reports. By default you can see Overview type reports (additional report types are provided on request). Overview reports provide you information about quantity of copied orders and sum of the lots.
  • Monitor – is an advanced module, which collects information about user account and orders he copied in real-time. You can access that data via API (contact us to get details how to use API). Example of API usage to get data you can see in Statistics and Reports modules at web panel.

As everything in EasyCopier all new modules work in real-time. Once you open/close position, you instantly can see it in Reports or Statistics module.

Additional updates

We updated Twitter, Facebook and SMS modules. Now you can easily change your account options in web panel.

Email module is updated too, now you can use templates in signals. Example: Open {order_type} at price (price_open) @{lots}. Where order_type is replaced with BUY/SELL, price_open with your order price, lots – lot volume. The same template you can also use in Twitter, Facebook and SMS modules. It is planned to add Signals to Andriod/IPhone with the same template engine.

Also we are published API, which allows sending trading signals from any platform to Metatrader4 as Follower. You can build your trade copier for any platform to Metatrader. Documentation is coming soon.

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