Challenge Certificate Generation

We are proud to introduce a new feature that allows you to create certificates for traders directly in  Funded Prop Trading

Certificates of successful challenge completion

Certificates of successful completion of Challenges and payments received from prop trading companies are one of the indicators of traders’ competence. In this regard, many prop firms want to give their traders certificates created by their own templates. But often such certificates are created manually in third-party editors. Successful and prosperous prop companies always have a lot of users and manual creation and distribution of certificates becomes a real problem.

We have automated the generation of certificates after the challenges to reduce the load on managers and eliminate the possibility of certificate forgery.

To take advantage of the new feature, a manager should follow the instructions to create a certificate template in the panel and link it to the plan. After that, the certificate will be automatically created according to the specified template when passing the challenge. The trader will see all received certificates in his panel and will be able to download them in PNG or PDF format.

Manager can see the list of already issued certificates, filter them and find the required one.

Trading challenge completion certificate

Certificate of the best trader of the month, certificate for payment

In addition to certificates confirming successful completion of the challenge, prop firms can use other certificates. For example, when organizing competitions or lotteries, branded certificates with the company’s unique design will become a long-awaited trophy for the winners and additional advertising for the company.

Now in our Funded Prop Trading Panel it is possible to create any certificates manually. To do this, you need to create a basic template and use it when generating a certificate for a specific user. It can be a certificate for the best trader of the month, a certificate confirming that a trader has received a certain payout, a certificate for the trader who has received the maximum profit, etc.

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